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Is Autism a Disability?

Oct 22, 2021

To all the AuTiSm is not a DiSaBiLiTy people:

Don't. Just sit down.

When I can keep a job that I'm damn good at but can't organize my own house cleaning schedule?

When I can assist folks in navigating their own lives out of abusive situations, but I can't get my laundry done, because executive functioning skills suck.

When I can create and present powerful PowerPoints, but I can't read and follow directions for sewing clothing or putting anything together without assistance.

When I can function fairly well one on one, but end up getting super confused and hearing what sounds like a bunch of white noise in group situations. Which then overstimulates me and causes me to have shutdowns.

When someone interrupts my schedule for the day, I literally physically cannot get back on task.

There is no way and 99% of the time it results in me having a meltdown and/or shutting down.

Different is not less than..

Autism is a disability in that I require assistance to navigate daily tasks of living.

Autism is also a disability in that I require certain accommodations to allow me to shine at a job I am damn good at.

Just because y'all don't see my disability because you choose not to, doesnt make it not a disability.

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