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A Christmas Market

4 Dec 2021

Someone I know was at a Christmas Market with a table.

I thought I'd go check out this market.


Even now as I think about walking in there, with my friend.

And the very first stop, there's earrings on the table.

There's a card with an inspirational story behind the earrings.

I was speechless.

The parallels between stories sometimes become so out there. So poignant. So visible.

I don't even really know what I said to Joy Alona.

I think I said something along the lines of our stories have some parallels and invited her to Google Mary Byler.

I hope I remembered to thank her for sharing her inspiration and such a story.

I um..

Couldn't really talk more because I was with my friend and a little bit overwhelmed at that moment.

Anyways, we go to my friend's stall and are chatting and Alona Joy brings me a pair of her earrings and again I don't even know if I said thank you.

The market itself, was amazing and wonderful for neurodivergent people..

This person I know was at the market was amazing and fantastic … She's displaying her art, painting and also has an Amish doll on the table and is wearing an Amish hat.

If you are interested in the earrings and Alona Joy's story. You may purchase the earrings here:

Today, Dec 23rd 2021, I looked at the earnings sitting on my dresser and I felt it was time, to wear them. To share them. I put them on and I felt immensely touched again by Alona Joy. Her openly sharing her story is amazing and makes me feel visible in ways I had no idea I needed to feel.

Thank you Alona Joy and thank you to my friend that invited me there. Y'all have brightened my day so much.

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