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Display of resources outside a courthouse prior to an Amish Criminals sentencing


Ways you can assist

  • Report Abuse to the Law

    • Every State has a hotline ​

    • It can be reported anonymously

  • Educate yourself on current best practice information for prevention of abuse

  • Become trauma aware & informed

  • Educate yourself on Amish and Anabaptist culture as told by people who lived it  (& share this information with professionals and community stakeholders)

  • Assist in helping community leaders to have action plans in place prior to crimes being reported

  • Print resources and display or hand them out in public areas such as sale barns, auctions, libraries, court hearings for Amish and Anabaptists etc

  • Wear t-shirts that display an educational message 

  • Every Court Hearing for Amish and Anabaptist folks is an educational opportunity

The Misfit Amish LLC are funded in combination with private funds and patreon subscribers are this time. Thank you!

To offset website hosting, streaming videos and other costs associated with providing these services, we would be deeply grateful for any assistance. 

Thank you for your support!

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