These brochures were made possible by a group of 14 people who dedicated time and energy into creating a list of terms, defining terms and checking for accuracy and the survivors who expended a tremendous amount of energy to help ensure the wording is written in Plain terms as well as translate some terms so it is written in a way that receivable by current Amish and Plain People.

Please feel free to follow the links, print,share and circulate these as desired. 

A special shout out to the Survivors, Amish,  Ex Amish and Plain people, Detectives, Psychologists,  Editor and Designer of these brochures. I appreciate each of you spending so much time and energy to create a vision  I never dreamt could or would happen. Thank you. 

Hey Folks,
I've been speechless and unable to express my gratitude for the folks that worked on the brochures project.

So who all had fingers in this earth shattering project?
Jasper, Kris, Linda, Anna Mae, Hannah and myself all traveled to Pa to the Amish Abuse Awareness conference and this is part of the outcome of this trip.

I'd like to talk a little bit about each one:

Jasper: designed and reviewed content etc
Hope Anne gave critical feedback and suggestions..
Misty gave some fantastic constructive criticism.
Kris, Linda, Anna Mae, Hannah all suggested additional terms and defining terms.
Anna Mae especially worked really hard to add descriptions defining the terms identified.
Linda worked really hard on  the translated content as well as reviewing and suggesting better wording.
Kris gave their own input through a video as well as written terms and assisted with translations.
Hannah had some critical suggestions on the list of terms as she is still a conforming member of her Amish Church.
One Clinical psychologist also was instrumental in defining the terms and typing it all out.
A child psychologist verbally gave feedback on other wording and terms.
One detective reviewed from Pa and made key suggestions.
One detective from Wisconsin also made suggestions after reviewing.
One person from a domestic violence shelter combed through all of it and made some key suggestions as far as content and how to word it best.
And finally our editor went through and edited it all for clarity.
We did discover there was an error made on the Statute of limitations brochure and we corrected it.
We are continuing to work on creating educational content for Amish and Plain people to bridge the gap.
We have enough content from this project for at least 2 more brochures.
I just.
My hats off to these amazing people who saw, gave and created the vision. Y'all made it possible.
Y'all made something possible I've barely dreamt could happen.

Please, please give them a hats  off and good job .

Thank you!