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The Creation of The Misfit Amish

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

18 May 2021 By: Mary Byler *Edited by "The Anonymous Athiest" How did I find myself creating an LLC? Where do I begin? I think I'll begin on February 16th, 2004, when "Ich bin fatsprunga" ( I ran away). That night, I had to file a report with the county sheriff's department because those I ran away from wouldn't stop calling me from the "Amish" phone. The calls stopped after about a month, then I let my guard down and started answering the phone. Lo and behold around a month later, I answered a call. It was perpetrator # 1. I begged and pleaded with him to get help because I was (and still am) terrified this perp abused or is still abusing children. What I remember him saying is, "But Mary, what if I seek counseling and I turn out like you?" "What do you mean?" "Vel, DU bischt fatsprunga. Es is Kenn hoffmung fa di seel," (You ran away, there is no hope for your soul).

Tears rolled down my cheeks as

I hung up, I found the county sheriff's non emergency number and dialed it. "I'd like to report a crime" When I went to court, this perpetrator had four busloads of Amish show up and weep for him. Many got up and went and testified to perp #1's good character as an upstanding Amish man. Afterwards, my second cousin tried to accost me and prevented me from leaving when I was getting in my car. The terror I knew in that moment, combined with the abandonment from my own family and community, has shaped so much of my direction with the creation of The Misfit Amish, Llc.. This is why I hope each of you brave souls knows that you are not alone, and I hope that each of you finds a community in this world that shows you the love you need!

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