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Where does it end ?

Once you start down the slippery slope of children and women being "responsible" for being assaulted because they "enticed and flirted with a grown adult" or because they wore clothing you don't approve of.

Are these children and women so dangerous?

Do they really have the power to coerce someone into raping them?

Sexually assaulting them?

So it was brought to my attention that a "grandfather refuses to ride alone in a car with his granddaughter, because he cannot be alone in a car with another woman".

I have some questions for those who subscribe to that belief:

So you look at your granddaughter in a sexual way?

Are you really telling me you cannot be trusted to be around your own granddaughter without supervision?

Are you not in control of your own actions?

And if you want to say what will people think:

I would ask, what would your God think?

Are you doing the right thing?

Are you being a trustworthy grandfather?

Why is it more important what other people think than doing the right thing?

Are these children and women solely responsible for this, or do we at some point start holding the abusers of people responsible for committing heinous acts?

Sadly, this mentality is often rampant in some circles. May I also add that if you as a grandparent have a grandchild doing inappropriate things, it is your job to help teach them better.

Just like parents have a responsibility to teach their children, the grandparents have a responsibility to their grandchildren to teach. Children are naturally curious, but they can taught and guided without destroying them and doing immense harm. BUT children are NOT going to do sexualized things to adults unless they have had sexualized things done to them first. YOU are always the adult. If your child or grandchild is doing sexualized things, it is YOUR job to get them quality, child appropriate licensed therapy.

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