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When Someone says "You're so Strong"

By: Mary Byler

I've heard this phrase so many times through the years, and it can true.

Maybe I am strong.

But what bothers me most is when folks demand strength from me or even say I'm stronger because of the abuse ...




You're strong because you made you strong.

You're abuser should never be credited with making you strong..

Your abuser is the one who haunts your nightmares.

The one who caused triggers and flashbacks.

The one who made you live through an unbearable amount of pain for any one human being.

And you.. you rose up and found a way through that pain and sorrow.

You forged your way against innumerable odds.

You got up and took that single step forward, despite it all.

You chose and continue to choose to keep living no matter the odds you face.

No matter the naysayers and opposition that comes up against, you find a way to keep hanging on to life.

You fight for your life daily, you became good at fighting for your life daily.

You are the one who made you strong with years of practice, with tons of inner work. You did this for you because you deserve better.

I'm proud of you. Are you proud of you?

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