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Reporting Amish Abuse

When I called and reported the suspected abuse case of an Amish families children to the local civil authorities.

The local county's civil authorities decided "we cant do anything, they just clam up, so we don't bother going out and attempting to investigate".

Another family reports: I reported suspected Amish abuse to the local authorities, they showed up for an investigation with the CCI pulling in next to them and being present. The caseworker found there was probable cause and the head of the civil agency (CYS)squashed it all.

In addition to facing this:

Multiple survivors have reported civil authorities responding to Amish abuse reports with "he's Amish, he would never do that" or "we can't do anything about Amish Abuse".

I've heard from DV advocates assigned to agencies that have TRAININGS where they instruct DV advocates to decline services to Amish people that call as "Amish take care of their own". Two different DV advocates have reported to me that they have in fact followed that instruction from their agency as they were unaware of the actual safety risks and often lack of support and more abuse that often occurs when Amish survivors speak up and/or report abuse.

Who is at fault here?

And I'd ask you, where should Amish survivors turn?

Straight from an Amish person: I would say the Amish leaders/authority is totally at fault initially and CYS is at fault for enabling the continued destruction.

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