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Amish Take Care of Their Own

*This is being used with permission from an Amish person who currently complies with church rules.*

"People don't know how to treat victims! "

There ya go folks, understand that this is repetitive and continuing today. Some Amish folks may try to be better individually, but collectively Amish society has inherently embraced victim blaming theology for generations. This has not just happened to this Amish person, it has happened to many Amish people. I am not sure who specifically said this first, but when people know better, they do BETTER. How can Amish people KNOW better if we as the world have given them free reign to severely limit the education of anything that doesn't fit their ideas such as consent? (Wi vs Yoder) We are now living in a world where we are reaping the effects of Wi Vs Yoder and the oppression it has caused Amish women and children for decades.

" They often say if we were abused, we had a rebellious heart. Confessing will help us submit."

" Victims need someone to talk to, not talked to."

Have you ever heard the statement of the blind leading the blind? This is what this is. " I totally see what they're doing and it's wrong."

I stand with this Amish person. Do you?

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