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Amish Abuse Awareness

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

Edited by The Anonymous Athiest

Another sunset in the sky! I'm home safe and sound. I learned a lot yesterday about working on educational content for Plain people. I met people that inspired me to continue doing this work. I reconnected with others I haven't seen in years.  ❤️❤️❤️ I went to the Amish Abuse Awareness conference in Loganton, PA. I was really excited because some Amish people are trying and I could even agree with some of what was said!  Of course I vehemently disagreed with a lot of other things I heard, but I think they want to change things.  However, in order to start education you must do a few things first: 1. Define the issue(s) - CSA, physical abuse, child trafficking, gaslighting, etc. 2. Define the legal term(s) that apply (in each case) - "in loco parentis", emancipation, etc. 3. Create educational content to assist those Amish and Plain people in need - Educational content should be clear, concise, and provide pertinent details. 4. Collect feedback from other qualified professionals - Let me be clear: a "qualified professional" is not someone who doesn't understand a basic question about Plain people's lives. A "qualified professional" is someone who understands these issues, has been educated about how to interact with these communities and maintains the credentials associated with providing services. 5. Adapt and refine future educational content to meet the needs of our audience better 6. Provide solutions In Pittsburgh I connected with a person that was so open.  I was smoking a cigarette and we struck up a conversation, I said I attended an abuse awareness conference and she shared her employment.  She was totally amazing and reminded me of why it's so important to build connections with the right people. The universe gives you what you need, when you need it folks. I am recommitting myself to the cause. We will do this. I think about all the Amish victims, and I know were in that firehall yesterday.  I think about the overall message of, "We don't want to send perpetrators to prison...", and "women must forgive, women must be silent..." and a lump rises in my throat and tears fall from my eyes as the grief and sorrow comes. We must continue. We will give better access to resources for Plain people.  We will bridge the gap between the two worlds where people who have the opportunity to make a difference in the life of an Amish survivor.  It WILL MAKE a difference. Together, we will do this

***This is Part 1 of a series I am writing about my experiences at the conference

*** Look for Part 2 (Qualified Speakers and Credentials) next week (hopefully)

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