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What is Amish Education?

15 Nov2021

Amish Schools

All materials are approved by the church.

Therefore there are many times we had books that had pages stapled together, things marked over and even pages glued together.

Grades 1-8 taught.

Subjects taught:

English, Reading, writing, math, German (hoch Deutsch), very minimal history and geography.

Teacher requirements:

Be a member of the church in good standing.




One of the schools I attended the teacher used a tug from a work horse harness to "discipline"

Often, a note may be sent home to your parents if you are disciplined in school.

Many parents will then also discipline you by "spanking" you again.

Some of the things I've seen used to hit children with would be:


Rubber garden hose




Switches that broke the skin and left blood running down children's legs

I attended 5 different Amish schools in 3 different communities, Water sources: sometimes indoor pumps, sometimes outside pumps

Heat source were wood burning stoves in every location.

Bathrooms were outhouses in every location.

What type of learning environment is this?

What is Amish Education?

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