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5 Truths About The Amish

Mar 2, 2019

By: Mary Byler

1. There are many different amish settlements that vary widely in their rules. Some can differ simply on whether or not they can use chainsaws or a womans head covering has to be finely pleated or the dress is 6 inches from the floor with no sleeves and had a separate top with sleeves. I could continue rambling about differences but I think you will get the gist of it.

2. Not all amish are bad, not all amish are good. Society and researchers and sociologists tend to put them on a pedestal when their research and knowledge and surveys are warped and inaccurate. The amish are a business. The story that sells is a peaceful idyllic community. The story that does not sell is they are people like the rest of society who also condone pedophilia and sexual assaults and rape and many other crimes. Again, what you see is what they want you to see.

3. Did I learn some stuff growing up that I appreciate? Yes, I did. But that does not remove the trauma and nightmares, flashbacks etc.

4. The shunning. Shunning, banning and meidung excommunication etc just because it is a different name does not mean it's more or less harmful than another religions practice of shunning. It is practiced differently by different communities and can even vary by families. The severity with which just depends on an individual case by case basis but the majority at least includes the not talking to you unless they are admonishing you to return to the ways of thy youth and not sitting down and eating with you as well as not accepting anything from your hand to include money or a baby for example.

5. Rumspringa the commonly accepted idea of rumspringa is again a narrative media has put out that is good for business. The actuality is I lived in 5 different amish communities and visited at least 15 and not a single community allowed there youth to go experience the outside world. Rumspringa is the time between 16/17 to 19/20 when you are supposed to get married to someone. You are supposed to find someone to get married to, not go out and experience worldly things. That is a shame to your family, your community and yourself and you will be punished for it.

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