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 "Amish children and adults will have resources and education to combat crimes in their communities. We  bridge the gaps between English and Amish culture"

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Advisory Board Members

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The Misfit Amish LLC  provides secular information about Amish and Plain people to bridge the gap between the Amish and Plain people and the English. We provide resources for former Plain people as well as create  presentations that provide better awareness and aspire for cultural competency.  
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-Mary Byler CEO, Manager


Office GODDESS! 

Co-Host of Plain Rainbows

Author,  Poet, Advisor, Creator

James is celebrated for many things to include his publications of LGBTQ Amish Poetry! His organization and visionary skills are phenomenal!


Advisor, Survivor, Activist, Ex-Plain, ND

Kris is a fantastic member that advises on many issues as well as participates in local events to raise awareness!


Advisor, Artist, Activist

BJK is a fantastic Artist and has contributed tons of Art for use as well as participating in local events to raise awareness. 


Advisor, Survivor

Born and raised Amish in Lancaster county Pennsylvania. My mission is to bring a voice for those who are often forgotten in the most marginalized and conservative areas of Amish communities.


Unnamed Individuals

Advisors, Survivors

There are 4 other individuals that are Survivors and serve as advisors to The Misfit Amish

The Advisory Board has shaped and continues to shape the direction of projects, content and efforts created by The Misfit Amish!

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