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An Open Letter to Religion

This is an anonymous letter to religion sent to us and published with permission, content warning ⚠️, this depicts when someone felt as if religion was in an actual fight with them and they were so full of rage they had to kill it or kill themself.

Laying in bed, with my hood over my head, hugging my teddy bear wishing I was dead.

That’s what it does to me.

That feeling of insatiable dread that overwhelms me, pushing me to the brink of insanity.

The anger is so big, it suffocates my lungs and makes me gasp for air.

I want to feel the solidness of the handle of the ax when I sink it into your heart.

I want you to gasp, clutch your heart and scream in confusion and anger and so much pain.

That is what I feel right now, that stab, that fatal thrust to the deepest parts of me, you hate me, you hate my existence, you wish you had killed me in the womb but I’m so strong that you fear me.

I will destroy you and as I watch the blood gush from the wound in your heart I will laugh the same way you laughed at me today.

Cold, unfeeling, heartless, completly brainwashed. I will laugh for as long as it takes every single drop of blood to flow from your corpse and I will continue laughing till I have destroyed every particle of you in a fire so big you will know what my version of hell is for you.

I want you to feel what I feel, to hurt like I hurt and if nobody else will show you that I will. You will never rise again, you evil monster.

I forever renounce you and with the blood still dripping off the weapon in my hand your ashes will rise and drift away on the stupid breeze, worthless in life, worthless in death.

I will win.

You will die a gruesome, awful, horrific death. I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!

An Open Letter to Religion

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